Digital Media

By utilizing a variety of analytical tools, our digital media marketing specialists tailor our clients’ paid campaigns to deliver highly relevant content, enhance brand visibility, makes effective campaign planning, uses keyword optimization, compelling ad design, continuous testing, and conversion tracking.

We also monitor important metrics like click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and cost per acquisition (CPA). This data helps direct future optimization efforts and provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of campaigns.

Our Expertise in Digital Media


Paid Digital Media

(Video, Display, Mobile)

Our team of in-house professional experts plans and executes full-funnel data-driven paid digital campaigns across all digital platforms. 

Performance / E-Commerce

(Conversion Rate Optimization)

We are a full-funnel digital media agency and provide performance marketing services to our clients, whether they are an e-commerce retailer, an app-based tech platform, or a B2B business looking for Leads (MQL) or high ROI clients. We have a team of experts with over a decade of experience providing performance marketing services. 


Full Funnel Approach

How We Use It




Programmatic advertising enables us to put intelligent automation to work using audience data, premium inventory, and enhanced.

Our Programmatic Offering

Types of interactive eperiences

Interactive Video Experiences

  • Drag to reveal video
  • Video which flips along the page
  • Video combined with image tiles

Video with a Lead Form

Video with the lead form to collect data within the banner ad space.

Split Screen Carousel

Top half video with the floating cards under.


Live Videos with Shoppable Products

Live Video with Shoppable Products ticker.

In-Banner AR

AR Product Experience: Point and see the product in AR.

Social Media

(Listening & Management)

We provide social media community management and advanced social listening capabilities using listening tools/technology.


Website Design & Development

(WordPress, Shopify)

Our experienced team of developers provides corporate / E-commerce website design and development using WordPress & Shopify.

Measurement & Reporting


First-of-its-kind, we have an in-house reporting app in the market along with other reporting, tracking, and measurement tools, i.e., GA, Google Data Studio, MOAT, IAS, Talkwalker, Digimind, etc. 


Creative, Content, Influencer & PR

We create optimized digital content for brand communications and launch influencer marketing and PR campaigns with local digital publications & influencers using technology.


Organic & Paid

SEO and PPC campaigns to drive user growth and traffic through search engines. 



Conversion Tracking

Platform Native Solutions

  • Google Site-tag or Google Conversion Code.
  • Google Analytics for traffic analysis, attribution, conversions & User journey mapping on website.
  • Google Firebase for traffic and basic journey analysis on Apps. 
  • Google Search Console for tracking keywords based organic traffic.
  • Ad words for campaign related stats & Analysis.

3rd Party

Mispanel and Appsflyer

  • Traffic analysis and user journey mapping on website (Mixpanel) and Apps (Mispanel & Appsflyer).
  • Attribution tracking

  • Conversion API or Pixel for websites to provide user tracking on website and to help create audiences for remarketing based on their journey or our platform/website.
  • Facebook SDK for Apps is pixel version for the mobile apps.
  • Meta Commerce Manager to see all the product catalog related stats, create remarketing audiences based on their interaction with products in catalog.

MOAT & Double Verify

Viewability and Brand safety check.

Cookieless World

Activating First Party Data

What does it involve?

Why Focus on First Party Data?

It’s fresh. It’s free. It’s yours.
First-party data garners the highest return on investment of any data type.

  • Improve targeting precision.
  • Advance omnichannel measurement.
  • Map the customer journey.
  • Close the loop on attribution.
  • Increase relevancy.
  • Create a single view of the customer.

How We'll Use First Party Data

  • Re-Targeting
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Email Marketing
  • Custom Audiences Combination
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • SMS
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