Dubizzle Group


Brief Story

Dubizzle, with Bayut as its subsidiary, is an e-commerce platform owned by EMPG in the UAE. Bayut is a real estate search engine for buying, selling, and renting residential and commercial properties across the country’s seven emirates.

Dubizzle groups provide a platform (website and app) for people to upload items and ads, allowing users to buy, sell, and find within their community.  They have an in-house team that manages their digital ad campaigns. 


Most of Dubizzle’s digital spending goes into performance and awareness campaigns across Google and Meta. They wanted to try running programmatic campaigns using Google’s Display & Video 360 (DV360) DSP. 

The major challenges were:

  • They didn’t have a DV360 seat.
  • They didn’t know how to optimally set up and execute programmatic campaigns on DV360.
Bayut TruCheck
OLX - Dubizzle - Egypt

The Solution

We created their ad accounts on our DV360 seat and gave them self-serve access. This access was coupled with training and campaign execution support (managed service). Initially, they planned to allocate a limited USD 5,000/month budget to DV360 to test and experiment with display campaigns.


What started as a small experiment grew to become one of the biggest digital advertising platforms and achieved the following;

 Campaign Viewability: Improved to over 98%, significantly higher than Google Display Network’s just over 90%.

Ad Placement Efficiency: Achieved 90% above-the-fold placement, surpassing capabilities through Google Ad Manager.

Video Engagement: Increased VTRs on video campaigns by 30%.

Platform Utilization Expansion: Extended use to include video & YouTube spending and display campaigns with DV360.

Programmatic Buying Advancement: Initiated purchasing PG deals through DV360.

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