Brief Story

Marham is Pakistan’s largest health-tech platform for booking doctor’s appointments and lab tests. It has users accessing the platform from countries like GCC, Europe, and North America. They raised seed investment in 2021 and must continue the rapid growth trajectory.


Marham was required to show consistent 10% growth month over month, and they had a very haphazard pattern of 5-6% growth in one month and then a decline of 2% in the next month. The company was also unable to identify the right levers of growth.

Marham had a plethora of data, and it was overwhelming for them to comprehend what they needed to focus on at a particular time, as all the data was available in the admin panel of the product in the form of infinite tables. The data structure was complex, and the user needed guidance from an expert to get the right information.

The main challenges they faced were:

  1. High acquisition cost
  2. Erratic growth with no control on KPIs
Marham - Healthtech App Platform

The Solution

As a solution, with the help of Ascend Analytics, we developed the complete data dashboard on Power BI, and through that, we identified the gaps. This also helped in developing the key understanding (that they were missing) that health is a need-based concern, and there’s a need to shift focus towards pull marketing rather than 100% push. The revised strategy involved the following:

Paid Google Search: Focus on capturing high-intent audiences through paid search, with exclusions for keywords where the brand was already organically ranking 1st to avoid cannibalization.

SEO Efforts: More emphasis on SEO to secure the top position for over 50,000 primary keywords related to specialties, doctor names, disease names, hospital names, symptoms, etc.

Supply vs. Demand Gap Analysis: Utilization of a dashboard to identify specific specialties and localities needing increased ad spend.

Meta Catalogue Sales Campaigns: Creation of a catalog of over 15,000 doctors through a dynamic feed from the Marham App on Meta, aiming to direct users to the doctor’s profile on the app.

User Acquisition for App: Recruitment of new users to install the app, visit the doctor’s profile, and run a Universal App Campaign (UAC) on Google for app installs.

Remarketing and CRM: Implementation of D-engage for remarketing and CRM campaigns.

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